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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide El Centro College the tools and support needed to incorporate sustainable decisions regarding education, environment, economics and engagement.

Our focuses are:
  • Education - Focused on integrating sustainable behavior into the college curriculum.
  • Engagement - A leader in sustainable decisions and providing a model for the community.
  • Economy - Realization of the economic benefits of sustainable solutions.
  • Environment - Committed to programs that protect our natural resources

News and Updates

About Our Logo:

The Sustainability logo reflects the four foundations of our efforts at El Centro: Education, Environment, Engagement, and Economy. Each of these foundations provides a base for implementing sustainable concepts. In each of the triangles above, an example of sustainable practice is displayed. When all of these forces come together, they form an iconic symbol of sustainability and humanity. Cut out the above image and construct your own symbol of you willingness to participate in sustainability at El Centro.

Information List

  • Recycle
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Think before you print
  • Reduce water usage
  • Buy products made of renewable materials

In The News

El Centro College finds lofty home for wind farm in downtown Dallas

By John Lugo, Dallasnews.com

The first wind farm in Dallas County spins atop a historic building at El Centro College in downtown Dallas.

The community college fired up the farm last month to mark Earth Day, and now 80 turbines are generating enough electricity to power 2,000 computers.

The wind farm was proposed by David Browning, the school’s vice president for business affairs. He said that when he began working there in 2008, he was struck by how windy it was around campus.

“Every time I walked outside, I would get hit by wind,” Browning said. “We actually got statistics showing how much our average speed is, which comes to 20 to 25 mph.”

In the next six years, El Centro tested many prototypes before settling on turbines and a supporting metal grid from Hydro-Star Energy. The total cost was $240,000.

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