Services Provided:

Intake Session: If a student is interested in therapy, the first session will be an intake session.  During this appointment, the counselor will explain confidentiality, the therapy process, and answer any questions the student may have about counseling services.  The counselor will also gather basic information from the student regarding their goals, history, and level of risk.  During this session the counselor will give recommendations to the student about continued treatment.  Some possible recommendations may include, but are not limited to: ongoing counseling at the Student Counseling Center, short-term counseling with a Faculty Counselor at ECC, or a referral to a mental health agency off campus.
On-going therapy: If the counselor and student determine that the student would make a good fit for on-going therapy at the Student Counseling Center, the counselor and student will decide on a time for on-going sessions.  On-going therapy may be scheduled every week or every other week.  On-going therapy appointments will be scheduled after the initial intake session.
Crisis/Emergency Sessions: The Student Counseling Center is open to mental health Crises during the hours of Monday - Friday 8:30am – 4:45pm.  Situations that are considered a crisis or emergency include:
  • Active psychotic symptoms (attending to people/things that are not present)
  • Thoughts of harming the self and/or thoughts of harming others
  • Being threatened or physically hurt by someone else
  • Recent sexual or physical assault
  • Experiencing uncontrollable anxiety/panic attacks and unable to calm down
If a student is in crisis, the student (or whomever is referring the student) may let the administrative staff know that the student is having an emergency, and the administrative staff will contact a counselor.  If it is after hours, please call 911.
Referrals: Some students may not benefit from receiving on-going therapy at the ECC Student Counseling Center.  There are a variety of reasons in which this may be the case.  In these cases the counselor will provide the student with referrals to more appropriate treatment options.
Faculty/Staff Consultation: The Student Counseling Center does not provide mental health services to faculty or staff who are not El Centro Students.  If an employee has a concern about a student or another member of the El Centro College community, The Student Counseling Center will offer consultation services on a case-by-case basis.
Student Consultation: In some cases, a student would like to consult with a counselor regarding a mental health related concern, but is not interested in therapy.  A student may want to consult a counselor about how they could help a friend, or how to set a boundary with someone who is making them feel uncomfortable, or they may want to know more information about a mental health diagnosis that has been given to a friend or family member.
Mental-Health-Related Educational Workshops: The Student Counseling Center will also be involved in educational workshops throughout the year.  The subject of these workshops will be mental health related, but specific topics will be determined by student need, staff suggestions, or administration request.  For questions or requests for workshops, contact the staff psychologist directly by phone (214-860-2112) or email at