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Faculty can make arrangements for a staff member or tutor to visit their classroom and lead workshops on learning strategies.These workshops are available to all classes. Due to the amount of time needed to prepare for these workshops, faculty should schedule them at least two weeks in advance so we can prepare materials for the class. These workshops are detailed and interactive, so faculty should allow sufficient class time for in-class workshops. We offer workshops in the following:

In this workshop, students will learn the importance of taking good notes as well as specific strategies for note-taking. We also demonstrate an efficient pre-lecture study method and alternative systems of note taking. We offer 12 tips for creating good notes.

In this workshop, we focus on how to recognize the signs and causes of test anxiety, ways to prevent it, and techniques to cope with it.  We also introduce specific strategies to better students’ test performance.Many students feel a high level of anxiety when taking tests. The encouraging news for students is that they can learn how to reduce and manage this potential obstacle to good grades. In this workshop, we focus on how to recognize the signs and causes of test anxiety, ways to prevent it, and techniques to cope with it. Students may not take the time to strategize their approach to a test. Yet that single step can often yield significant score increases! First, we focus on general testing strategies. Additionally, we discuss concrete approaches to multiple choice, matching, essay, and true/false questions. We also briefly discuss the roles of time management, critical thinking, and test anxiety as they relate to test performance.

This presentation outlines a study routine that works well in lecture courses that require memorizing, such as Government, Psychology, or Anatomy and Physiology. It is also easily adapted to content that demands critical thinking, such as nursing.

Time Management
This workshop shows students how to take control of their time in order to create a more productive and balanced life. Students learn how to keep key goals in mind when prioritize tasks, how best to determine when to do what, and how to use scheduling to their advantage.

MCE Preparation
We talk about how to register for and prepare for the developmental writing exit exam, and we show students how they can break down the 2 hours of the test into smaller tasks leading toward a passing mark. A sample prompt provided by the Writing faculty is distributed for practice.

RCE Preparation
We discuss how to prepare for the developmental reading exit exam. We emphasize testing and reading strategies to help students approach the test with confidence. In addition, we discuss actual test questions together, focusing on why the right answer is right.

TI-84 Calculator
The TI-84 is a popular graphing calculator. We discuss the major math operations processed by this calculator and show students how to use this calculator as a good resource for solving certain math problems.

Classroom Introduction

Learning Center tutors are available to make brief in-class presentations to familiarize students with the center's services. These informal introductions last about five to ten minutes and provide students with basic information about the Learning Center.

Note: Tutors visit most of the math and writing classrooms at the beginning of each semester. If your a tutor has not come by your class the first few weeks of the semester, please let us know that you would like a tutor to visit your class.

To schedule a workshop or an in-class introduction to the Learning Center, please contact Mary Wood, Tutor Coordinator, at 214-860-2403 or 
mewood@dcccd.edu. You can also come by A350.


Faculty Videos

Available for check out at the Learning Center A 350
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Learning Styles and the Learning Process
  • Accommodating Individual Learning Styles
  • Communicating Between Cultures
  • When I Say No, I Feel Guilty: Assertiveness Training
  • Public Speaking: Conquering Stage Fright

Hours and Location

Fall & Spring Hours
Monday - Thursday :: 8:00am-7:00pm
Friday :: 8:00am-4:30pm
Saturday :: 10:00am-2:00pm

For summer & flex term hours, please call our front desk.

Location :: A350
Phone :: 214-860-2133


Maggie Johnson
Learning Center Director

Myrna Jones
Departmental Assistant III

Salmeen Majid
Learning Center Writing Instructional Specialist

D. Nickie Ray
Learning Center Math Instructional Specialist

Jourdain Southerland
Department Assistant I

Subject Areas

Math, Developmental Math
English, ESL, Dev. Reading & Writing
Anatomy & Physiology
American Govt., History
Psychology, Sociology