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Student Installations

Art students at El Centro College have the opportunity to create on site installations around campus.

Some wall drawing installations have been created by the advanced drawing classes with an emphasis on drawing. The assignment involves dealing with the texture and surface of the wall as a drawing ground. It is a collaborative endeavor since each wall has a group of students working on it. Collaboration can be facilitated by the open exchange of ideas, review of one another’s preliminary sketches and keeping the lines of communication open as the project progresses. The wall installations should exhibit the students' grasp of the fundamentals of drawing and design.

The 3-D Design class has also experimented with installation work with interactive work that engages the physical environment of the campus.

The Digital Media class incorporates a mixed media approach to their installation work incorporating projected digital images onto a variety of surfaces.

3-D Design Installation outside Student Center


Wall Drawing Installations


Digital Media Installation


Digital Media Performance

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