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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that IT jobs will be among the fastest-growing and highest-paying over the next decade. Many IT careers offer flexible hours or telecommuting, making it easier to blend career and family. And IT professionals have skills that are useful in many different jobs. Several industries report relatively strong IT hiring and technology investments. The federal government’s economic stimulus package is expected to further boost IT spending in some sectors.

InterLink targeted “Information Technology Careers among the most In-Demand occupations” from the 29th annual regional employer labor market survey
Career Education and Wages
Information Security Analysts/Cyber 4 yrs. - $27.92/47.51
Network & Computer Systems Analysts 4 yrs. - $29.52/52.59
Software Developers, Applications 4 yrs. - $33.52/56.80
Software Developers, Systems Software 4 yrs. - $35.38/57.32
Computer& Information Systems Mgrs. 4 yrs. - $46.57/85.34
Computer Network Architects 2-4 yrs. - $35.15/59.88
Computer Network Support Specialists 2-4 yrs. - $24.17/42.50
Computer Programmers 2-4 yrs. - $24.19/50.47

Take command of your future!
El Centro College offers four distinct career paths to prepare you for today’s workplace and jobs for the future.

Information Technology Career Paths:


Networking Security

Network technician performs preventive maintenance a server

Network technology specialists design, evaluate, test and maintain a diverse array of networks including LANS (local area networks), WANs (wide area networks), Internet-based networks, intranets, and voice communication and wireless systems. The need for smart home integration technicians is also growing in demand.

This career path can lead to a wide variety of job positions including: Network administrator, Network support technician, Convergence technology specialist/technician, Smart home technology integrator, Network security specialist.

Vendor certification prepared is offered for CCNA, CCNP

PC Support

Computer engineer working on CPU

Personal computer support specialists install computer hardware and software, interpret and resolve problems for users, and provide technical support for hardware, software and systems.

Typical positions within this career path include Computer Support Specialist, Help Desk/End-user Support, and PC Technician.

Vendor certification prepared is offered for CompTIA A+, Network+, Microsoft MTA Fundamentals and MOS applications (Word, Excel,    Access, PowerPoint).

Programming Database

Businesswoman Using Computer In Office

Programmers design, write and update computer programs or software using languages such as Java, Visual Basic.NET and C#. Database administrators maintain storage systems, run archival network databases and maintain database security.

Typical positions within this career path include Programmer, Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator and Database Analyst.

Vendor certification prepared is offered for Oracle Associate and Professional exams, and various Visual Studio developer/application areas.

Web Developer

Young business executive using laptop

Web developers design, code, test and debug Web-based programs to create, publish and maintain multimedia solutions by bringing graphics, text, and digital audio/ video together. Game development and mobile device programming are emerging skills which are taught.

Typical positions within this career path include Web Designer, Multimedia Web developer, Web Animator and Mobile Device Programmer.

Vendor certification preparation is offered for various Adobe exams (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash)

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