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Health Professions Pathway Grant

Overview of H2P

On September 26, 2012 the Department of Labor awarded a $19.6 million grant to fund a Health Career Pathways initiative to nine community colleges in five states. The grant was one of the largest ever awarded by the Department of Labor through a discretionary grant from the DOL Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) program with the aim of better preparing the target population of trade displaced and lower skilled workers, and other beneficiaries for high-wage, high-skill employment and ultimately increasing attainment of degrees, certificates and other industry recognized credentials.
The H2P Consortium is led by Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and is comprised of nine community college co-grantees and six partner organizations. In addition, the consortium colleges partner with local employers, community and workforce agencies.
The H2P Consortium is working collaboratively via sharing best practice, building upon unique skills and learning and accessing rich resources provided by national consulting partners and technical assistance specialists to dramatically improve health professions training via career pathways and the development of core curriculum and stackable credentials.
To achieve these goals, H2P colleges are replicating a comprehensive model of best practices centered on a career pathways framework and competency-based core curriculum. Strategies have been developed in eight core areas to frame our efforts.

H2P Core Strategies

  1. Online assessment and career guidance
  2. Contextualized developmental education
  3. Competency-based core curriculum
  4. Industry-recognized stackable credentials
  5. Career guidance and retention support
  6. Training programs for incumbent healthcare workers
  7. Enhanced data and accountability systems
  8. Galvanize a national movement

Contact information

David Barrientos
Health Professions Pathway (H2P), Grant Manager
El Centro College- Building R- Suite 707
Dallas, Texas 75202

Employment Resource

HCRC: The HCRC is a service to the colleges in the district and all current and future students in the health careers programs. The center serves a clearinghouse of resources and information about health careers and what it means to work in the health industry in Texas. For more information on the numerous health career options visit:

HELIX: “The purpose of the new HCRC HELIX applicant system is to connect health care industry employers with students and graduates of the more than 120 DCCCD health care programs, and to promote employment opportunities. The HELIX applicant system provides a one-stop location for health care employers to post available job openings and gain access to qualified health care professions candidates”.

NACE: All colleges of DCCCD participate in a computerized job bank that contains full- and part-time job opportunities in the Dallas metroplex. Such opportunities are categorized by the career program areas offered by the colleges of DCCCD

El Centro College Career Services

Virtual Career Network (VCN) provides career exploration and training tools to help jobseekers prepare for a career in healthcare. The American Association of Community Colleges and its partners developed VCN through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Serving as an online agent for jobseekers, VCN provides access to everything a person needs to prepare for a healthcare career. It allows users to set up a career management account and store career preferences and information. In addition, users can find national and local information about healthcare careers and see job listings in their area. VCN tools help users take control of their future, for more information please visit: 

Student Success Toolkit: The Career Exploration and Student Success Toolkit was produced by iSeek Solutions as part of the Healthcare Professions Pathway (H2P) Consortium, with funding awarded under the Trade Adjustment Assistance and Community College Career Training Grant Program, as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration:

Publications about H2P

Attached are the publications about H2P:
News articles about H2P program participants:
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.