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El Centro College First-Year Experience Courses 

The First-Year Experience curriculum is composed of several courses that provide a theoretical and practical foundation in human growth and development across the life span. These courses are organized around different topics, including, but not limited to, educational and career planning, self-regulation, critical thinking, learning theory, cognitive development, and strategies for success in college.

EDUC/HDEV Faculty and Coordinator

Human Development-
Student Success Coordinator
Mwauna Maxwell
Office Location: A323
Joselyn Gonzalez
Office Location: A939

EDUC 1300 (3 Credit Hours)
Learning Framework
This is a Texas Common Course Number. This is a DCCCD Pre-Core Curriculum Course. Prerequisite:
One of the following must be met: (1) Developmental Reading 0093; (2) English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044; or (3) have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standard in Reading.
Course Description

HDEV 0092 (3 Credit Hours)
Human Development - Student Success
This is a mandatory First-Year Experience course for all El Centro students who meet at least one of the following: Have completed less than 12 credit hours and have not met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI ) Reading standards, or have declared a technical program of study.
Course Description

Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 3201015212

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