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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just register online for my EMT  or Paramedic class?
You can download the application online but will not be granted an interview for the program until all required immunizations, transcripts and test scores are complete in the admissions office.

How long and when does your EMT  and EMT-Paramedic course begin?
We will offer six week long Academy EMT Courses, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Night EMT Courses, and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday day courses. All three EMT courses will be offered at different times throughout the year. Call EL Centro EMS Education to find out when the courses will be offered. The EMT-Paramedic course offers a six and half month academy style class beginning in July and January of each year, as well as a Shift Based course beginning in August of each year.

Can I take Anatomy and Physiology outside of the DCCCD system?
Yes, but you will need a transcript evaluation and course description from the college you attended. We must have on record that you made at least a “C” in a college level A&P class to be accepted into the EMT-Paramedic program.

Is the EMS program financial aid eligible?
Yes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. Individual eligibility may vary. The Financial Aid office number is 972-587-2599.

Is there financial assistance for military veterans?
Yes. Please contact the Veterans Affairs office at 972-860-4674.  Individual eligibility may vary.  VA certified applicants are considered TSI met for registration purposes.

Where can I get my vaccinations, if I need any?
Most students go to their doctor’s office. Local drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens also offer many of the required immunizations. The county health offices offer vaccinations as well.

Do I have to get a flu shot?
Yes, all vaccines are required. There are no exemptions.

Do my immunizations need to be completed before I can be accepted into the program?
Yes. For EMT you will need to bring, mail, or email your records to the admissions office.  For EMT-Paramedic you will need to bring, mail, or email your records to Sentry MD.

Where can I take a CPR course?
Anywhere that offers a hands-on Professional Rescuer CPR (AHA) or Health Care Provider (ECSI, AHA) course is acceptable. We also offer Healthcare Provider CPR through our Continuing Education Division. Please contact them at 214-860-2226.

Below are costs not covered by tuition:
  • Books
  • Class Uniform
  • These additional fees are added to tuition during registration in the relevant class/module:
  • Liability insurance group plan
  • FISDAP - Skills Tracker
  • ACLS Card
  • PEPP Card
  • PHTLS Card                                                                                                                           
  • PEPP Card
  • FISDAP - Testing
  • Advanced procedures (cadaver) lab
  • Skills Bag  

When do I do my clinical rotations?
For EMT-Paramedic you will do your clinical rotations throughout the program.  You will be required to do one per week (total of 13) (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) during the first and second semesters of class.  Once you start third semester and concentrated clinical you will have four weeks to complete your remaining 17 clinical rotations.  Clinical rotations can be scheduled from 0645-1500, 1445-2300, and 2245–0700. 
For EMT you will be required after your course work is complete to complete three eight hour clinical rotations. 

When do I start my 24-Hour Internship on a Fire Department Ambulance?
For EMT-Paramedic and EMT you will start as soon as you complete all your required course work and concentrated clinical rotations.

For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.