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Mission and Goals


It is the mission of the El Centro College Dental Hygiene Program to graduate a qualified entry-level dental hygienist who competently, ethically, and professionally practices comprehensive dental hygiene care to a diverse population.


The El Centro Dental Hygiene program goals represent the program mission through the three key principles of education, leadership/scholarly activity, and service. 
  1. Produce competent entry-level dental hygiene professionals.
    1. Specifically, the program will
      1. Recruit and admit a diverse and qualified applicant pool that has the foundational knowledge to perform well in the program and on state, national, and regional dental hygiene board of examinations and licensing exams.
      2. Provide participative classroom/lab instruction, in a respectful environment, through faculty who are competent in current teaching methodology, contemporary dental hygiene theory and practice and use of instructional technology.
  2. Engage students and faculty in the promotion of research, life-long learning, leadership, and a commitment to professional growth and development.
    1. Specifically, the program will
      1. Promote the development of faculty and staff to include local, state and national activities that promote the dental hygiene profession through research activity, national presentations, publication, or service on college, accreditation or examination committees.
  3. Prepare a qualified dental hygienist who is professional and ethically competent to provide entry-level comprehensive patient-centered dental hygiene care to a diverse population.
  4. The program will serve as a resource for the public and dental health professionals in the community. 
    1. Specifically, the program will engage in the provision of service, including patient care and community involvement.
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.