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Student Success Stories

Taqueetia Shaw-Goldsberry

My experience in the Boss program was very enjoyable. I was the first person who earned the Virtual Assistance Skills Achievement Award. I received my award in Spring 2011.

My instructors in the BOSS Program at El Centro College were very dedicated to my success in earning the award. I received an email one day advising me that the Virtual Assistant award was being offered in Spring 2011, and that I had already taken most of the courses and received credits that was needed to complete this award. So I immediately enrolled in the remaining courses needed and completed the Virtual Assistant award in one semester.

I have several clients including a Radio Broadcaster, Neiman Marcus, and now Walmart. The BOSS instructors has also helped me with job leads; and because of all this I am truly grateful!!

Tuğba Özerli

It was 2009, I remember the day that I visited you in your office. You were so helpful to me for finding the way to learn computer skills. I had limited time, and you made a good plan for me and explained which classes I need to take and what I learn at the end with BOSS program. I was really happy when you explained me the goal and the result.  

I was working as an Aupair in the United States while taking courses at the community college also practice my English language skills. In the classes, everybody was so nice to me. I managed to win in a very short period of time.

During my time in the United States, teachers showed me a deep interest and openness towards the classes I took. Their positive personality and dedication fit the spirit of the Office Program perfectly. We had a lot of fun in the class and learned highly developed computer skills which helped me to utilize technology. We could find a lot of time to practice which was the best way to learn.

After two years, I had success to have the certificate of BOSS program at El Centro College. With all those experience, I find a good job in my country. I am working as a Sales and Production Planner and key user of Oracle in Power-Packer – Turkey. Many times, I mention to my colleagues how I am glad to take Keyboard and Spreadsheet lessons. 

Consequently, I really want to appreciate for all your help during my stay in Dallas.

Christina Grant

My name is Christina Grant and I graduated from the Business Office Systems and Support (BOSS)program at El Centro College from June 2009 through May 2012. During my time in the BOSS program I learned how to become a business professional from my experience in the classroom, real-world opportunities, and the unlimited assistance of my favorite professor and mentor: Ms. Olivia Kerr.

I decided to go back to school because I wanted to become more in my career pathway. I had a three-year old son and I wanted to improve our lifestyle. I enrolled in classes based on my degree and created my own plan for success. After choosing my classes and registering, I sought to find my place in the classroom. The coursework was easy to understand and was more than just your average ‘assignments.’ A lot of the work was project-driven and resembled real-world tasks on the job.One of these tasks in particular became very important during my college career.

After designing a flyer to showcase the BOSS program, a few students had the opportunity to use their flyer as an official marketing tool for El Centro College—including mine. I never imagined something I created would be circulated throughout the community and used to improve the very program that had given me so much success.

Throughout my time in the BOSS program, I had a mentor that helped me with every step of the process. When I began school, I showed her my personal plan for success and she immediately began to guide me along my path. She encouraged me to do my best in everything and assured me that my grades were good enough to be accepted into Phi Theta Kappa—and she was right. Even when I was expecting my second child during the last year of my plan she was there to help when I became discouraged and exhausted.

I can proudly say that I am now enrolled in college to pursue my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree as well as working as a full-time employee for the State of Texas. The tools I learned in the BOSS program help me stand out in a world of autonomy and has prepared me for everything I have faced in the business industry. I credit my experience with the BOSS program for the base of my success in life and the reason I have been able to continue improving myself and my family. I strongly encourage anyone who thinks that this might be there pathway to give it a try because without the BOSS program, I would not be where I am today.

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