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Anniversary Celebration

Five-Year Award
(Hired 9/1/07 - 8/31/08)
Andre Adaway Facilities Services
Marilyn Anderson Health and Legal Studies
Marisa Arredondo Organizational and Staff Development
David Barrientos Resource Development
Donny Brooks Resource Development
Michael Brown Campus Police
Elise Chitty Continuing and Workforce Education
Joseph Curtis Facilities Services
Jennifer De La Garza Health and Legal Studies
Sherry Glick Health and Legal Studies
Marisa Gonzalez Continuing and Workforce Education
Rene Gonzalez Wright Lassiter Early College
Renee’ Green College Computing
Maria Hernandez Library  
William Hornyak Arts and Sciences
Lisa James Accounting
Christol Johnson Human Resources
RonChelle Kelly Health and Legal Studies
Olivia Kerr Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Marguerite Martin North Texas Small Business Development Center
Paul McCarthy President’s Office
Byron McGough Arts and Sciences
Verneda McLemore Testing Center
Marissa Oppel-Sutter Arts and Sciences
Antonio Pecina College Community Outreach
Dianne Perales Campus Police
Ana-Maria Ramos Administration - West Campus
Emily Reece Health and Legal Studies
Nathan Reed Campus Police
Maria Salas Student and Enrollment Services
Ronald Schmidt Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Christine Schubert-Logue Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Susan Smith Library
Drew Templeton Facilities Services
Ten-Year Award
(Hired 9/1/02 – 8/31/03)
Oziel Arand-Gandara Facilities Services
Cynthia Bozzelli-Duke Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Stven Carter Continuing and Workforce Education
Roberta Edson Health and Legal Studies
Rex Gaston Campus Police
Billy Hansard Facilities Services
Cynthia Hernandez Continuing and Workforce Education
William Hodges Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Magdalena Johnson Learning Center
Lorraine McCord International Small Business Development Center
Patty Melton Health and Legal Studies
D. V.  Muller Corporate Solutions
George Nelson Health and Legal Studies
Herlinda Savage Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Gloria Smith Continuing and Workforce Education
Karen Stills Student Services
Linda Valdez Wright Lassiter Early College
Fifteen Year Award
(Hired 9/1/97 – 8/31/98)
David Browning Business Services
Linda Flores Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Elizabeth Guerra Continuing and Workforce Education
Juanda Harold Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Charlotte Moore Resource Development
Shahaadah Royal Testing Center
Janet Ward Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Twenty Year Award
(Hired 9/1/92 – 8/31/93)
Barry Bates, Arts and Sciences
Cassandra Bowell, Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation
Claudia Carosilva-Palacios Human Resources
Eliazar Martinez, Business/Public Service/Information Technology
James McCarty Health and Legal Studies
Twenty-Five Year Award
(Hired 9/1/87 – 8/31/88)
Michael Anthony Arts and Sciences
Rosalinda Minnis Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Angela Sias Admissions
Thirty Year Award
(Hired 9/1/82 – 8/31/83)
Benja Allen Arts and Sciences
Jeanette Blend Health and Legal Services
Dudley Knox Health and Legal Services
John Samuel Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Dawn Segroves Human Resources
Thirty-Five Year Award
(Hired 9/1/77 – 8/31/78)
Wallace Finney Business/Public Service/Information Technology
Forty Year Award
(Hired 9/1/72 – 8/31/73)
Jerry Jones Arts and Sciences
Forty-Five Year Award
(Hired 9/1/66 – 8/31/67)
Richard Menchaca, Communications/Math/Developmental Studies/Teacher Preparation

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