Early College Program

ECHS students take their high school classes on an accelerated schedule that covers a semester’s material every nine weeks. High school classes meet between 12:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. every day. This schedule allows students to take tutoring and college classes in the mornings. Students and their families are encouraged to schedule college classes, medical, and dental appointments in the morning to avoid missing afternoon classes.

ECHS and El Centro College expect that students will:
  • Maintain a successful academic record in all high school classes.
    • Maintain a good attendance record. Students with more than four absences in any nine-week cycle may not be able to receive credit for their high school course. College teachers will have their own requirements for attendance, and students are expected to meet those requirements.
    • Demonstrate a high level of motivation and active engagement in learning.
    • Demonstrate maturity and coping skills by modeling appropriate behavior.
    • Accumulate college credits toward completion of an associate’s degree or transfer to a four-year college.
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.