The Early College Idea

ECHS is a member of the Middle College National Consortium which originated the concept of placing a high school on a college campus and combining high school with the first two years of college as a means to accelerate academic growth and ease the transition between high school and college. The collaboration between the high school and the college creates a seamless continuum that benefits students as they move from one level to the next. The freedom of the college campus provides high school students with the environment to develop a sense of responsibility for their education.

The location of the high school on a college campus symbolically signals to students that a college education is both a possibility and a natural next step. The college environment provides an academically enriched setting for high potential students who might be lost in the larger, traditional educational setting. Collaborating between a high school and a college can also result in an effective way of sharing resources. ECHS high schools offer young men and women the opportunity to participate in a learning community which fosters academic achievement and personal growth. Additionally, ECHS encourages students to become global citizens and life long learners. 
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