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Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning?
Distance learning offers students a flexible, convenient way to earn college credit.

Ways You Can Take Distance Learning Classes

  • Online
  • Hybrid (combination of online and classroom)
  • Video-Based
  • Web Enhanced

Is Distance Learning Right for You?

Distance Learning is more flexible, but it does require time management and self-motivation for success. Distance Learning may not suit your needs, expectations, or learning style!

If you are considering an online course, take the SmarterMeasure assessment tool to see if distance learning is right for you. SmarterMeasure checks for basic technical skills, learning styles, reading speed and comprehension, keyboarding, time management and more!

SmarterMeasure Login: El Centro College
Password: learner

Video: Student Success in Online Classes

I'm Interested!  What Do I Need to Do to Take a Distance Learning Course?

Step 1: Are You Ready for Online?
Step 2: Apply
Step 3: Financial Aid
Step 4: Search for Courses
  • Look through the Class Schedule to find the classes you want - either online, hybrid, video-based, or web enhanced.
  • Talk to an Academic Advisor if you have questions.

Step 5: Register for Courses
  • Once you know what courses you wish to take, go to eConnect.
  • Keep a copy of your fee receipt and follow the directions included on the receipt.

Step 6: Now You're Registered - What Do I Do Next?

Below are some tips to help you be a successful online student.
  • Follow the directions on your fee receipt. For example, contact your online instructor.
  • Attend your online class by logging into eCampus.
    • Beginning Your Class - First Week of Class:
      • Attend an online orientation if your instructor requires it.
      • Get familiar with your course by navigating through the course menus.
      • Follow the directions your instructor has posted on eCampus. Email your instructor if you have any questions.
      • Buy class materials, such as textbook as soon as possible.
    • During the Semester:
      • Keep in contact with your instructor.
      • Stay up-to-date on assignments.
      • Participate in online discussions.
      • Check your grades on a regular basis and email your instructor if you have any questions.
      • Use technical support if you have any problems.
      • Use time management techniques.
      • Don't be dropped for non-attendance!
    • End of Semester:
      • Complete all course assignments.
      • Check your final grade in eConnect.
      • Email your instructor if you have any questions.

You may be eligible to DART free to El Centro.
For details about graduation rates, program costs and other important information, view the gainful employment disclosure.