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This form is used when a current student needs to change information on their record. (Such as address, phone number, e-mail address, social and/or name.)  A photo ID must be included with this request.

This form is used when a student needs to verify their enrollment status. This is mainly requested by loan companies.

This form is when a student is receiving a waiver for their classes.
*Waivers that are processed by admissions are Foster Care/ Adoption, Senior(over 65), Reciprocal, TCC Collin C, Firefigther, Employee.

Student who are receiving a tuition waiver through Enrollment Services and do Not meet the requirements need to fill out this form. This only applies to Adoption, Firefighter, and Senior. The requirements are a GPA of 2.0 and to not exceed 90 credit hour limit.

This form is for when a student cannot be here is person. They can have someone to do things on their behalf. Both parties must sign and present a photo ID.

This form is requested when transcripts are not under the same accreditation. The student must provide this information and submit to Enrollment Services.

Students may use this form to request their transcripts. A photo ID must be included in order to recvie their transcript.

This petition is for when a student is coded out of state/ out of country and would like to update their residency status.

If a new/returning student who has just applied has course credit 10 years and older, they can request an academic fresh start. This is used when students have not ideal grades from 10 years or older. Ths student must be a Texas resident, have all transcripts on file, and side transcripts must be from Texas institutions.

This form is for students who have never attended DCCCD and require official documents from DCCCD stating that they have never attended.