What is the QEP?

QEP is the abbreviation for "Quality Enhancement Plan", a part of the process required for the college to renew its accreditation.

What is included in a QEP?

Our accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) requires that colleges undertake a five year project to improve learning that will have broad effect.

Who is involved in the QEP?

SACS-COC wants everyone involved – students, faculty, staff, and the community. The College has, over the past eighteen months, done extensive focus groups and discussions to obtain input. Now a planning group is working on the details of a plan.

How is the QEP implemented?

Overall the QEP depends on everyone, but in particular students in the first few layers of classes will be most affected. Student learning will be monitored and measured and the plan adjusted as it unfolds.

When does the QEP need to be ready?

The QEP is submitted to SACS no later than six weeks prior to the on-site committee visit to El Centro College which is scheduled October 23rd through 25th, 2012. For planning purposes, El Centro College should have a completed QEP ready for submission to SACS no later than early July 2012.

When will the QEP start?

Some parts of the process may be piloted during the school year, but the actual full implementation cannot begin until the College plan has been fully approved by the SACS visiting team in October of 2012.

What is my part in the QEP?

Everyone should know what is going on and SACS-COC expects the QEP to be something of a community effort. Students will be doing their part by attending class and doing assignments as well as participating in any special events. Faculty all have the opportunity to help by including assignments that help students learn skills relevant to the QEP topic.

What is the QEP topic for El Centro?

Our topic is "CT3: Critically Thinking Things Through" and our take on critical thinking has been described this way: "Critical thinking is a disciplined and continuous process of asking the right questions and practicing logical thought processes to come to justifiable conclusions."