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Emergency Management Resources

Whether you’re a student of the colleges of DCCCD, an employee or visitor, or have responsibilities in the event of a district emergency, our emergency operations resources will help you find out what you should do in case of an incident.

Videos on Violent Intruders and Other Emergencies

Looking for videos on how the district deals with an emergency at a district location? Take a look at our videos on emergency procedures to find out more.

Emergency Procedures Guide (for all students, employees and visitors)

Want to know what guidelines to follow in the event of a fire, power outage, severe weather alert or other emergency situation? Check out our Emergency Procedures Guide (EPG). It’s designed to help you deal with an emergency at a college or service location.

Other Resources

College Emergency Operations Plan

Looking for additional information on how the College deals with an emergency? Take a look at our emergency operations plan to find out more.

District Public Health Emergency Plans

The district works closely with Dallas County Health and Human Services to monitor health conditions and make decisions about how conditions affect the colleges.

Take a look at our health plans for public health issues to find out more.